Hello world!

The first part of this blog actually contains previously published essay articles that were hard copied and I have chosen to add them to my new blog here at Worldpress. I will be typing in some of the articles that deal with my writing going back to 2006. The rest will be new blogs on writing and cruising to places for my research.  Of specific interest is our cruise message board experience online, and how for us it grew from a place to gather information on upcoming cruises and to met some of the people we are cruising with to a scary, competitive place that has recently caused us to consider canceling certain upcoming cruises.

I am a writer who writes mostly epic historical European novels. I do most of my research in places I can visit on Carnival cruise ships. Cruising inspires my stories and has taken me places that are depicted in my novels hundreds of years later. I strive to visit places in Europe that remain unchanged despite modern times.  It is fun to be places surrounded by 21st century people, yet I can see beyond them into the story and walk in the same place as my characters hundreds of years ago. This makes my stories vivid and my actual presence very boring to the people around me.

Enjoy the blog


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  1. Garth Sinclair

    Hi Rita,

    It was my absolute pleasue to meet you at the Hilton Stucky in Venice then on board the Carnival Breeze. thanks for taking the picture on deck for Hew and I and also for the directions to Prince Albert’s Palace. I hope all is well, and who knows, maybe we will meet again!

    Garth (The guy with the dreads from Canada)

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