In search of Capndinghy

With two “guideline reminders”, plus one more today, signed All the best three times, I found myself wandering around cyberspace looking for Capndinghy’s (boy it’s a big ocean) Magic TA review.  It seems I have plenty of company, as cyber versions of ourselves search in vain for the talented Capndinghy’s review.

Notice of the post’s removal is front and center on another guideline reminder of mine.  I believe I barely escaped suspension for mentioning it again on the thread that now boasts many “Where is Capndinghy?” messages.  All we knew was that he was suspended by overzealous message board hosts on a message board that gets less popular as the week progresses. Actually that is not true, as people arrive for the purpose of enjoying more of his whimsical review, they find it stalled in suspension mode as Capndinghy serves out his 7 day suspension.  The views of that thread have increased into the thousands since the Capn was suspended. There are even some posts telling of his suspension that actually remain. Over the last 2 days, many people received NastyGrams from saying just that, but I suppose you can’t suspend everyone if you want to have a message board left, after all, you have banished the Man in the Funny Hats, and suspended the increasing popular Capndinghy. Those very same hosts depend on their message board sponsored groups for free travel for themselves on Carnival ships, as well as the fact that it  owned by a very large travel company.  As they suspend more people, and send out NastyGrams that make people think twice about continuing on their a site, they might want to clean house themselves.

My user page is  literally starting to seem like the principal’s office in grade school. The NastyGrams remain forever, making a site that is supposed to be a happy place for looking forward to your cruise vacation, much less inviting. We are adults, we have been told, slapped, punished and wished “All the best” for the alleged infractions, why do I have to look at them every time I use the site?  The truth is, I don’t have to look at them ever again if I leave the site and seek out another site to do my cruise planning.

The suspended Capndighy AKA Chuck

Capndinghy AKA King Chuck of the Guttersnipes AKA Chuck Carmichael, retired airline pilot for American Airlines, is doing just that.  It didn’t take long to find his continued review, reproduced in its entirety on a family run cruise message board.  Armed with my new user name and password, in seconds I was there enjoying Capndinghys (boy it’s a big ocean) review. Settling in comfortably on a new cruise message board, are the disciplined, suspended and banished members of the old “big brother” message board. The nice part is the format is very similar, and the learning curve hardly noticeable. It will be nice to open up my user page and not be punched in the face by the demerits sitting there forever and a day. I won’t have to wade through pages of message board host’s group cruises, looking for the actual conversations about cruising by the real members of the board, who are barred from including their cruise roll calls on the main page.  Sometimes it is nice though, I have to admit I purposely check the list of message board host cruises to make sure we stay clear of those particular cruises. They are the main reason we will never go on a John Heald bloggers cruise in the future. As I have said before, not all bloggers are created equal, and groups within the bloggers group itself, completely overshadow individual cruisers, making it a very disappointing cruise if your purpose was the cruise with John Heald.  We find our enjoyment is much better when he is a CD on a cruise and not completely engulfed by groups that surround him and prevent other bloggers from participating. So I suppose, that message board will still be of some value as a way to  avoid cruising with message board host groups that are recognized quickly by their narcissistic, entitlement behavior on the ship.

So now I am faced with my very first post on the new message board where I have found the popular Capndinghy. As I look at my new user page, devoid of demerits, it is hard to find the words that really convey my feelings regarding a new site to plan our cruises.  After much thought, I came up with this:

CT Junior

Join Date: Nov 2011

Location: New York
Cruises Completed: 20-24
Fav. Cruise Line:

Posts: 1

Status: Online

Enjoying the review and the “surroundings”. My first post……….I’m HOME!!!! Rita
So where is this new message board where Capndinghy has made himself at home to continue his review without attack?
Here it is…..shh, don’t tell anybody…

copyright December 2, 2011      Rita Alexandrea


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4 responses to “In search of Capndinghy

  1. Beautifully written as always Rita, its a real pleasure to welcome you, your many friends & blogreaders to along with all of the Guttersnipes & their fans too.

    Its a shame that ‘the other site’ has behaved in the way that they have, but it’s their own doing and there is nothing anyone can do to change them…except themselves, if they want to.

    Thank you so very much for this blog entry, we on CruisingTalk greatly appreciate it and the welcome mat, coffee and cookies are always there for you.

  2. Gerry

    Someone just pointed out on facebook that deleting posts and giving nasty messages to an author is probably a mistake. I can’t believe his thread on CC keeps having posts deleted. Anyone who posts anything about his supension or where he is now “living” on the net get slammed by CC. I guess they can’t delete your recommendation to use CruisingTalk instead.. They must be at a loss, trying to quell the storm of people posting on facebook and elsewhere about the heavy handed tactics by their message board hosts – Soon there will be nothing but “hosts” and no members.I’m heading over there myself. Great read and like always, right to the point Rita.

  3. Jane Saunders

    This is a wonderful article. And I too am enjoying exploring CruisingTalk.

  4. sally

    Thanks for leading us to the right place to be, and especially to the continuation of one of the best reviews I have ever read and

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