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It was almost cruise time, and we were very excited. Our cruise on the Liberty had just ended on March 10, and the inaugural voyage of the Carnival Breeze was right around the corner. We had never done an inaugural cruise before, they either didn’t sail at the right time for us, or we were already booked on another cruise when the inaugural was announced. This time we were lucky, we had prior commitments in Italy in May, and it looked like we would finish with those commitments by Memorial Day weekend. No need to twist my arm, Italy is our favorite country and Venice in particular is very special to us. The new Carnival ship would be launched on June 3, and it would be easy to stay in Venice and go on the cruise. We loved our cruise last year around Italy on the Magic, and we were anxious to repeat the great experience on the new Carnival Breeze.

By April 2012, we were enjoying pictures of our first great-grandchild born in February, and anticipating our  eighth grandchild, expected in June. In few short weeks we would be heading for Italy, and Fuzz was getting the house ready for the summer. Life was routine, uneventful, and  there were no problems on the horizon.

Then the unthinkable happened. Without warning, or any prior medical problems, Fuzz went from cleaning the garage to fighting for his life in an ICU. Suddenly our life was on hold, and I was being asked  how I felt about  no CPR orders, and if organ donation was something I would consider for my husband.  A massive blood clot had passed through his heart and was now in his lungs, partially blocking the main arteries to both lungs. One day blurred into the next, as he spent days in ICU. Complications set in, and he was rushed to a bigger medical center 3 hours away. Vascular surgery and clot busting followed in what became and endless nightmare. Our daughter’s wedding day came, and we waited in the hospital for pictures of the big wedding we were missing. Our son stepped up to walk his sister down the aisle. We were very lucky, and Fuzz recovered enough to go home, only to hemorrhage again due to blood thinners.  Rushed back to the hospital, Fuzz spent another week battling the complications; and it appeared our upcoming trip to Italy might not be possible.

Soon  our prayers were answered, and Fuzz made steady progress. He was determined that our trip to Italy would still happen, and he set out to recover his strength in a few short weeks. He had cheated the grim reaper, and he beat the odds, and our trip to Italy was back on the calendar.

Fuzz has some wonderful attributes, but things like cars, plumbing, and electrical work are not talents he possesses, and he is the first to admit it. He does however give it his best effort, and from that comes some very amusing  stories.  Thankfully, I now get a chance to write one of our amusing family stories, rather than his obituary.

Fuzz hates electrical work, he readily admits he knows little about it, and efforts to improve his skills over the years, have not been very successful.  For years we had a switch in the hall that was a 3 way switch to turn the hall light on, from separate locations. One of the switches by the front door  always got stuck halfway, and then would suddenly snap on or off after quite a delay. He always commented, “that switch in the hall is breaking, I am going to have to change that soon.”

Despite being broken, it actually worked for many years. One night Fuzz came up to bed and told me; “it happened, the switch just broke completely so the hall light doesn’t work.” He explained he would take the afternoon off 3 days later so he could spend a few hours fixing the switch, and taking the time to do it right.

The afternoon came and he assembled a small chair to lay out all the tools. Of course, I was needed there to help, someone has to hand the tools over, and hold the screws. Fuzz really hates electrical work, so he is already sweating and nervous. He carefully took the switch out to see what he would need. He confirmed that he needed a switch, so he got in the car and went to Walmart. He came home with the switch, and carefully installed it. He turned it on, and behold, it didn’t work. He inspected the other switch and decided that maybe the other switch needed to be replaced as well. He got back in the car and he made a second trip to Walmart.  He returned, installed the switch, and it still didn’t work.  He shook his head and slowly glanced at the ceiling. He decided that we have lived in the house for 30 years, and it is probably the fixture in the ceiling  that was to blame. The third trip to Walmart, yielded a new fixture for the ceiling. As he stood on a small ladder, sweat appeared on his brow as he carefully replaced the fixture. He handed me the old one, stopping to take the light bulb out, and put it the new fixture in the ceiling. He climbed down, turned on the switch, and it didn’t work.

Then I asked a simple question:

“Is that light bulb good?” I asked.

“Yes, of course, it was working fine until the switch broke.”

You really have to love my handyman husband.  An entire afternoon for the project, 3 trips to Walmart, 2 new switches, 1 ceiling light fixture, and if I had found this problem three days earlier, all I would have done was to change the light bulb.

We are now days from our wonderful cruise, and every minute we both stop to think how lucky we are to be together on another cruise. This one will be very special, the cruise that gave us and chance to reflect on how lucky we are to be still together enjoying each other. We feel blessed that God decided he really didn’t need a handyman after all.

Copyright  May 24, 2012      Rita Alexandrea



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In Quest of an Island

As my book took shape, I knew a transatlantic voyage in the 1700’s would definitely be included. The question was, where would it go? My projected outlines had America playing a prominent roll in the 3rd book so, for the first in the novel series,  I wanted an island in the Caribbean. By this time, we had been on several Carnival cruises and explored islands of Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, St Thomas, St Martin, Costa Maya and Belize.  Coming from Europe,  I wanted a more Eastern  Island, one on the edge that was likely to have been an island to stumble on in the Caribbean. I wanted one fairly new to the 1700’s when many European Countries were colonizing, and fighting over the Caribbean Islands.

Puerto Rico looked intriguing, it was already colonized and fought over by the 1720’s.  Our cruise on the Carnival Triumph had stopped here at 6pm and stayed until 10pm. Being November 0f 2006, it was already dark and we did not get off the ship. We planned to return to the Eastern Caribbean and booked a cruise on the Carnival Destiny for late October 2007. It was called a 7 day Southern Caribbean and left from San Juan and visited an island a day for 5 days and the 6th day was a sea day. Normally we love sea days, as I use them to write my novels.  This time it was different,  I was in quest of an island for my characters to visit.  The other islands we had gone to were beautiful, but as I walked around, it just wasn’t the right place, it didn’t “feel” right.

We spent 1 day pre-cruise in Puerto Rico.  Old San Juan, full of history and for our one day – buckets of rain.  El Morro was wonderful to explore and I found myself lost in the history. I decided that Old San Juan would have some potential for historical fiction, but right now, it was not what I was looking for.  St. Thomas, Barbados, Domenica, St Lucia & Antigua were next. St Thomas and Barbados were beautiful and had all the components I wanted, but somehow, it wasn’t quite right. Domenica and St Lucia, were not even close to what I wanted for my characters.

Antigua was next, and some good Karma followed us right into port in the way of a pair of dolphins jumping through the Carnival Destiny’s wake as we entered the harbor. We hadn’t quite decided what we would do on this island,  so we got off and explored. They had the usual pirate cruises, beach jaunts, snorkeling & shopping tours that are usually provided. Then they had one that stood out; it was a Carnival excursion Sea Antigua by Sea on the Excellence Catamaran. Some inquiries brought out the fact that we would circumvent Antigua completely on a boat and stop on a deserted island for some snorkeling & lunch on the boat.  We booked it, and I was soon wondering, why is a beautiful island in the Caribbean still deserted?  Doesn’t every inch of prime real estate get bought by someone in the 21st century?

Antigua's Green Island

Deserted Green Island

We started cruising & I began taking notes and movie film for my documentation. One rather talkative member of the crew, shared his family story going back generations to the original slaves brought to Antigua to work the sugar cane. He was happy to answer my questions and I gave him an outline of my story and the plot that would be unfolding on this trip in my book. I asked about the island we would visit, and why is it still deserted. I learned that Antigua is very dry, and water was a problem in the 1700’s. The island we would be visiting was frequented by bands of Carib natives hundreds of years ago, and it was long rumored to be a place of curses and voodoo to the people on the main island of Antigua. While Barbuda was populated as time went by, Green Island remained a tiny island with a dark past.

Green Island

I only had to see it and place my feet in the sand to know that I was walking in the footsteps of my characters.  Every part of those chapters came vividly to mind. As I wandered the beach and into the deep foliage, I just knew that everything about this tiny island was perfect. While everyone snorkeled and laid in the sun, I was perched on a rock watching chapters of my book come to life.  I took notes, although it wasn’t necessary, my stories live in my head in immense detail.  It was absolutely perfect for my story, and the inspiration and real life stories the crew told me, added to the plot in many ways.  I couldn’t wait to get back on the ship and I spent the next sea day typing out several chapters of the book’s voyage to Antigua.

We would plan another voyage on the Carnival Victory in 2009, doing the same itinerary but substituting St Kitts for the final sea day. That trip would put me in contact with a member of Antigua’s historical society and include trips around Antigua itself, the sugar plantations, the old English Nelson’s dockyard, forts and churches from the 1700’s.

I am often asked how I decided Antigua was my island, and I guess I really don’t know.  I guess it was so easy to place my characters there in the 1720’s, and no matter where I went on tiny deserted Green Island, I could see my character’s faint footsteps remaining in the sand.

copyright 2008   Rita Alexandrea

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